Learning based school visits


We deliver master classes, workshops and visiting lectures in schools as a means to make interactions with your potential students less about selling and more about learning.


Brochures are handed out and GDPR compliant student data is collected (email, telephone, subject interests and years of entry). A short intro on your university is delivered as part of the session but this is limited to a maximum of 5 minutes with the rest of the session devoted to learning outcomes.


You can set parameters with us on student ages (eg year 11 and 12 only), target lists of schools, deadlines for delivery, minimum numbers of students in groups. The learning based nature of these visits allows us to target specific subject areas also by tailoring session content according to the subject areas that you wish to target.


In this way, we’re making students aware of your university and everything that it offers - they can delve deeper if they wish and the data we collect allows you to reach out to them also. This more nuanced way of interacting with students in schools means that the schools give us the access to students that they wouldn’t give us if we simply delivered sales sessions.


1 "visit" per school visit - For an explanation of our billing model, see here
Monetary value varies according to package . For example, one ‘visit’ in a 60 visit package has a value of £120.

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