Working with your agents


See the section on grouped counsellor briefings – if you’d like us to visit agents exclusively for you, we can. We visit agent offices to do conversions sessions with students, to carry out more in-depth training sessions with counsellors or to meet with senior staff at your request. 

Network building

If you’re new to India and you want us to help you build an agent network, we’ll identify the right agents for free if you buy a package of visits from us. We can then package up a series of visits aimed at brokering a contract with each agent and then visiting them to train their counsellors.  The cost of having us visit 10 agents twice and manage the process of ensuring that contracts are signed could be as low as £850 (a fraction of the price of you doing it yourself when you consider travel costs, labour costs and the time that it would take you to build up the market knowledge that we have).

Cost – 1 ‘visit’ per exclusive agent visit, ¼ of a visit for a grouped counsellor training session

Monetary value varies according to the package. For example, one ‘visit’ in a 60 visit package has a value of £120.